The current schedule is listed below in Eastern Time

Mon6:00 AMFatal Impact
Mon6:30 AMHere's the Catch!
Mon7:00 AMNew Fly Fisher, The
Mon7:30 AMInstill the Catch with Mariko Izumi
Mon8:00 AMSport Fishing on the Fly
Mon8:30 AMBackwoods Life
Mon9:00 AMBest of the West
Mon9:30 AMBig Coast
Mon10:00 AMWildFed
Mon10:30 AMScott Martin Challenge, The
Mon11:00 AMRelentless Pursuit
Mon11:30 AMBear Whisperer
Mon12:00 PMArcher's Choice with Ralph & Vicki
Mon12:30 PMTracks Across Africa
Mon1:00 PMTrigger Effect
Mon1:30 PMFishing 411
Mon2:00 PMPure Instinct Outdoors
Mon2:30 PMEverything Eichler
Mon3:00 PMMajor League Fishing Cups
Mon5:00 PMCanada in the Rough
Mon5:30 PMRob Dunham's Magnum Reloaded
Mon6:00 PMCanadian Sportfishing
Mon6:30 PMExtreme Angler TV
Mon7:00 PMCoureurs de Bois
Mon7:30 PMThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn Mayhew
Mon8:00 PMFishmonger, The
Mon8:30 PMVeteran Hunters, The
Mon9:00 PMBackwoods Backstage
Mon9:30 PMDriven with Pat & Nicole
Mon10:00 PMDescendants of the North
Mon10:30 PMWardens
Mon11:00 PMFishing the Wild West
Mon11:30 PMHunt Fish Maniac
Mon12:00 xmPursue the Hunt
Mon12:30 xmCrush with Lee & Tiffany
Mon1:00 xmWinchester & Drury's Natural Born
Mon1:30 xmNorth American Whitetail
Mon2:00 xmHoge Wild
Mon2:30 xmLund's Ultimate Fishing Experience
Mon3:00 xmRoadFish
Mon3:30 xmDriven with Pat & Nicole
Mon4:00 xmJokers Wild Off the Hook
Mon4:30 xmChassomaniak
Mon5:00 xmOntario Experience, The
Mon5:30 xmRiflemen, The
Tue6:00 AMWestcoast Sporting Journal
Tue6:30 AMChassomaniak
Tue7:00 AMFish TV
Tue7:30 AMBackwoods Backstage
Tue8:00 AMM2D Camo's Livin the Dream
Tue8:30 AMPursue the Hunt
Tue9:00 AMHoge Wild
Tue9:30 AMFishmonger, The
Tue10:00 AMBC Outdoors Sport Fishing
Tue10:30 AMCoureurs de Bois
Tue11:00 AMJokers Wild Off the Hook
Tue11:30 AMTight Loops Tight Lines
Tue12:00 PMWinchester Deadly Passion
Tue12:30 PMHooked
Tue1:00 PMDescendants of the North
Tue1:30 PMFarming the Wild
Tue2:00 PMHomegrown Hunter TV
Tue2:30 PMOutdoor Quest TV
Tue3:00 PMSport Fishing on the Fly
Tue3:30 PMFishing the Wild West
Tue4:00 PMAngler & Hunter TV
Tue4:30 PMDriven with Pat & Nicole
Tue5:00 PMCanadian Sportfishing
Tue5:30 PMTrigger Effect
Tue6:00 PMInstill the Catch with Mariko Izumi
Tue6:30 PMRoadFish
Tue7:00 PMWinchester & Drury's Natural Born
Tue7:30 PMWardens
Tue8:00 PMWildFed
Tue8:30 PMEverything Eichler
Tue9:00 PMNorth American Whitetail
Tue9:30 PMBig Coast
Tue10:00 PMGun Stories
Tue10:30 PMPrimos TRUTH About Hunting
Tue11:00 PMRiflemen, The
Tue11:30 PMBackwoods Life
Tue12:00 xmM2D Camo's Livin the Dream
Tue12:30 xmRelentless Pursuit
Tue1:00 xmMOJO TV
Tue1:30 xmFatal Impact
Tue2:00 xmVeteran Hunters, The
Tue2:30 xmScott Martin Challenge, The
Tue3:00 xmHollywood Weapons
Tue3:30 xmWicked Tine Outdoors
Tue4:00 xmHere's the Catch!
Tue4:30 xmFish TV
Tue5:00 xmBorn to Hunt
Tue5:30 xmFish'n Canada Show, The
Wed6:00 AMHomegrown Hunter TV
Wed6:30 AMCanadian Sportfishing
Wed7:00 AMFarming the Wild
Wed7:30 AMFishmonger, The
Wed8:00 AMLindner's Angling Edge
Wed8:30 AMOntario Experience, The
Wed9:00 AMMeatEater
Wed9:30 AMMeatEater
Wed10:00 AMMeatEater
Wed10:30 AMMeatEater
Wed11:00 AMRelentless Pursuit
Wed11:30 AMWinchester Deadly Passion
Wed12:00 PMPrimos TRUTH About Hunting
Wed12:30 PMM2D Camo's Livin the Dream
Wed1:00 PMHollywood Weapons
Wed1:30 PMLund's Ultimate Fishing Experience
Wed2:00 PMRob Dunham's Magnum Reloaded
Wed2:30 PMHoge Wild
Wed3:00 PMNew Fly Fisher, The
Wed3:30 PMChassomaniak
Wed4:00 PMHooked
Wed4:30 PMBorn to Hunt
Wed5:00 PMGun Stories
Wed5:30 PMBear Whisperer
Wed6:00 PMScott Martin Challenge, The
Wed6:30 PMFish'n Canada Show, The
Wed7:00 PMDriven with Pat & Nicole
Wed8:00 PMYoung Wild Hunters
Wed8:30 PMLong Range Hunter
Wed9:00 PMWicked Tine Outdoors
Wed9:30 PMBone Collector
Wed10:00 PMPure Instinct Outdoors
Wed10:30 PMBest of the West
Wed11:00 PMJim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
Wed11:30 PMThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn Mayhew
Wed12:00 xmWinchester & Drury's Natural Born
Wed12:30 xmVeteran Hunters, The
Wed1:00 xmHunt Fish Maniac
Wed1:30 xmJokers Wild Off the Hook
Wed2:00 xmArcher's Choice with Ralph & Vicki
Wed2:30 xmShooting USA
Wed3:30 xmWestcoast Sporting Journal
Wed4:00 xmFishing the Wild West
Wed4:30 xmBC Outdoors Sport Fishing
Wed5:00 xmTrigger Effect
Wed5:30 xmTight Loops Tight Lines
Thu6:00 AMCanadian Sportfishing
Thu6:30 AMFatal Impact
Thu7:00 AMNorth American Whitetail
Thu7:30 AMVeteran Hunters, The
Thu8:00 AMFish TV
Thu9:00 AMLong Range Hunter
Thu9:30 AMGuns & Ammo TV
Thu10:00 AMExtreme Angler TV
Thu10:30 AMWardens
Thu11:00 AMPure Instinct Outdoors
Thu11:30 AMBig Coast
Thu12:00 PMAngler & Hunter TV
Thu12:30 PMRoadFish
Thu1:00 PMYoung Wild Hunters
Thu1:30 PMTight Loops Tight Lines
Thu2:00 PMFish'n Canada Show, The
Thu2:30 PMRiflemen, The
Thu3:00 PMNice Fish Retro
Thu3:30 PMOntario Experience, The
Thu4:00 PMShooting USA
Thu5:00 PMHere's the Catch!
Thu5:30 PMPursue the Hunt
Thu6:00 PMChassomaniak
Thu6:30 PMBorn to Hunt
Thu7:00 PMGun Stories
Thu7:30 PMHomegrown Hunter TV
Thu8:00 PMCanada in the Rough
Thu8:30 PMBackwoods Backstage
Thu9:00 PMArcher's Choice with Ralph & Vicki
Thu9:30 PMTracks Across Africa
Thu10:00 PMRob Dunham's Magnum Reloaded
Thu10:30 PMCrush with Lee & Tiffany
Thu11:00 PMOutdoor Quest TV
Thu11:30 PMTrigger Effect
Thu12:00 xmBone Collector
Thu12:30 xmBackwoods Life
Thu1:00 xmGuns & Ammo TV
Thu1:30 xmYoung Wild Hunters
Thu2:00 xmLindner's Angling Edge
Thu2:30 xmDimestore Fishermen, The
Thu3:00 xmLund's Ultimate Fishing Experience
Thu3:30 xmSport Fishing on the Fly
Thu4:00 xmCanada in the Rough
Thu4:30 xmExtreme Angler TV
Thu5:00 xmBone Collector
Thu5:30 xmPrimos TRUTH About Hunting
Fri6:00 AMEverything Eichler
Fri6:30 AMBC Outdoors Sport Fishing
Fri7:00 AMDriven with Pat & Nicole
Fri7:30 AMExtreme Angler TV
Fri8:00 AMRob Dunham's Magnum Reloaded
Fri8:30 AMDimestore Fishermen, The
Fri9:00 AMGuns & Ammo TV
Fri9:30 AMBone Collector
Fri10:00 AMHere's the Catch!
Fri10:30 AMThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn Mayhew
Fri11:00 AMLindner's Angling Edge
Fri11:30 AMFishing the Wild West
Fri12:00 PMHomegrown Hunter TV
Fri12:30 PMTracks Across Africa
Fri1:00 PMBorn to Hunt
Fri1:30 PMInstill the Catch with Mariko Izumi
Fri2:00 PMWinchester & Drury's Natural Born
Fri2:30 PMLong Range Hunter
Fri3:00 PMGun Stories
Fri3:30 PMScott Martin Challenge, The
Fri4:00 PMWildFed
Fri4:30 PMRoadFish
Fri5:00 PMWicked Tine Outdoors
Fri5:30 PMNorth American Whitetail
Fri6:00 PMFish TV
Fri6:30 PMTight Loops Tight Lines
Fri7:00 PMShooting USA
Fri8:00 PMJim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
Fri8:30 PMCoureurs de Bois
Fri9:00 PMWestcoast Sporting Journal
Fri9:30 PMDescendants of the North
Fri10:00 PMWinchester Deadly Passion
Fri10:30 PMBear Whisperer
Fri11:00 PMHoge Wild
Fri11:30 PMDimestore Fishermen, The
Fri12:00 xmPrimos TRUTH About Hunting
Fri12:30 xmFatal Impact
Fri1:00 xmTracks Across Africa
Fri1:30 xmYoung Wild Hunters
Fri2:00 xmHunt Fish Maniac
Fri2:30 xmFishing 411
Fri3:00 xmWinchester & Drury's Natural Born
Fri3:30 xmDescendants of the North
Fri4:00 xmOntario Experience, The
Fri4:30 xmPursue the Hunt
Fri5:00 xmNice Fish Retro
Fri5:30 xmPure Instinct Outdoors
Sat6:00 AMWestcoast Sporting Journal
Sat6:30 AMFarming the Wild
Sat7:00 AMJokers Wild Off the Hook
Sat7:30 AMOutdoor Quest TV
Sat8:00 AMFish'n Canada Show, The
Sat8:30 AMBC Outdoors Sport Fishing
Sat9:00 AMThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn Mayhew
Sat9:30 AMCanada in the Rough
Sat10:00 AMShooting USA
Sat11:00 AMFishing the Wild West
Sat11:30 AMFishing 411
Sat12:00 PMLund's Ultimate Fishing Experience
Sat12:30 PMGun Stories
Sat1:00 PMBest of the West
Sat1:30 PMNice Fish Retro
Sat2:00 PMCrush with Lee & Tiffany
Sat2:30 PMFarming the Wild
Sat3:00 PMMajor League Fishing Cups
Sat5:00 PMM2D Camo's Livin the Dream
Sat5:30 PMWinchester Deadly Passion
Sat6:00 PMAngler & Hunter TV
Sat6:30 PMGuns & Ammo TV
Sat7:00 PMNew Fly Fisher, The
Sat7:30 PMNorth American Whitetail
Sat8:00 PMHollywood Weapons
Sat8:30 PMHunt Fish Maniac
Sat9:30 PMBone Collector
Sat10:00 PMPursue the Hunt
Sat10:30 PMVeteran Hunters, The
Sat11:00 PMRiflemen, The
Sat11:30 PMMOJO TV
Sat12:00 xmBear Whisperer
Sat12:30 xmTight Loops Tight Lines
Sat1:00 xmBackwoods Backstage
Sat1:30 xmWardens
Sat2:00 xmSport Fishing on the Fly
Sat2:30 xmLong Range Hunter
Sat3:00 xmCoureurs de Bois
Sat3:30 xmArcher's Choice with Ralph & Vicki
Sat4:00 xmHooked
Sat4:30 xmFishmonger, The
Sat5:00 xmThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn Mayhew
Sat5:30 xmInstill the Catch with Mariko Izumi
Sun6:00 AMBackwoods Life
Sun6:30 AMNew Fly Fisher, The
Sun7:00 AMWestcoast Sporting Journal
Sun7:30 AMWildFed
Sun8:00 AMJim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
Sun8:30 AMCrush with Lee & Tiffany
Sun9:00 AMBorn to Hunt
Sun9:30 AMDescendants of the North
Sun10:00 AMLund's Ultimate Fishing Experience
Sun10:30 AMArcher's Choice with Ralph & Vicki
Sun11:00 AMDimestore Fishermen, The
Sun11:30 AMWicked Tine Outdoors
Sun12:00 PMRoadFish
Sun12:30 PMJokers Wild Off the Hook
Sun1:00 PMCoureurs de Bois
Sun1:30 PMLindner's Angling Edge
Sun2:00 PMYoung Wild Hunters
Sun2:30 PMBC Outdoors Sport Fishing
Sun3:00 PMGuns & Ammo TV
Sun3:30 PMBackwoods Backstage
Sun4:00 PMMeatEater
Sun4:30 PMMeatEater
Sun5:00 PMMeatEater
Sun5:30 PMMeatEater
Sun6:00 PMTrigger Effect
Sun6:30 PMLong Range Hunter
Sun7:00 PMChassomaniak
Sun7:30 PMFatal Impact
Sun8:00 PMCanada in the Rough
Sun8:30 PMPure Instinct Outdoors
Sun9:00 PMRob Dunham's Magnum Reloaded
Sun9:30 PMOutdoor Quest TV
Sun10:00 PMRiflemen, The
Sun10:30 PMJim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
Sun11:00 PMM2D Camo's Livin the Dream
Sun11:30 PMFishmonger, The
Sun12:00 xmTracks Across Africa
Sun12:30 xmBig Coast
Sun1:00 xmHollywood Weapons
Sun1:30 xmFishing 411
Sun2:00 xmBest of the West
Sun2:30 xmWinchester Deadly Passion
Sun3:00 xmRelentless Pursuit
Sun3:30 xmWardens
Sun4:00 xmNice Fish Retro
Sun4:30 xmEverything Eichler
Sun5:00 xmHooked
Sun5:30 xmAngler & Hunter TV
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