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DAYTIMEMONDAY 08/03/2020TUESDAY 08/04/2020WEDNESDAY 08/05/2020THURSDAY 08/06/2020FRIDAY 08/07/2020SATURDAY 08/08/2020SUNDAY 08/09/2020
6:00 AMBeyond RubiconFuel the FireBeyond the HuntCrush with Lee & TiffanyHeartland WaterfowlBig Deer TVNick's Wild Ride with Nick Hoffman
6:30 AMHere's the Catch!Wild Boar Fever XCanadian SportfishingWicked Tine OutdoorsBC Outdoors SportfishingBackwoods LifeNew Fly Fisher, The
7:00 AMOntario Experience, TheFish TVNick's Wild Ride with Nick HoffmanSwarovski Optik QuestsBlitz TVLumberjacks TVWinchester & Drury's Natural Born
7:30 AMDrury's THIRTEENCritical MassFlorida Sportsman Best BoatNon-Typical NationIn-Fisherman TVOutdoor Quest TVIn-Fisherman TV
8:00 AMHitmenM2D Camo's Livin the DreamDirt Trax TVFish TVRob Dunham's Magnum ReloadedFish'n Canada Show, TheJim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
8:30 AMHornady's Dark and DangerousCanadian Tradition, TheMidlife MayhemMOJO TVBone CollectorMidlife MayhemFuel the Fire
9:00 AMBest of the WestWardensMeatEaterMajor League FishingFacts of FishingDirt Trax TVWhitetail Freaks
9:30 AMJarrett Edwards OutdoorsCCFR's Canada DownrangeMeatEaterMajor League FishingBushnell's Trigger EffectCanada in the RoughRiflemen, The
10:00 AMTrijicon's World of Sports AfieldBC Outdoors SportfishingMeatEaterMajor League FishingWhitetail FreaksJim Shockey's The ProfessionalsFatal Impact
10:30 AMWild Boar Fever XSossy OutdoorsMeatEaterMajor League FishingRealtree Road TripsRealtree's Monster BucksArcher's Choice with Ralph & Vicki
11:00 AMRelentless PursuitThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewDriven with Pat & NicoleRealtree OutdoorsLindner’s Fishing EdgeFishing the Wild WestCCFR's Canada Downrange
11:30 AMFacts of FishingRealtree's Monster BucksWinchester Deadly PassionM2D Camo's Livin the DreamFishing the Wild WestBlitz TVRelentless Pursuit
12:00 PMArcher's Choice with Ralph & VickiFlorida Sportsman Best BoatPrimos TRUTH About HuntingAngler & Hunter TVOrvis Guide to Fly Fishing, TheTrijicon's World of Sports AfieldDescendants of the North
12:30 PMPetersen's Hunting AdventuresBowhunterM2D Camo's Livin the DreamHornady's Dark and DangerousFuel the FireOntario Experience, TheWestcoast Sporting Journal
1:00 PMWicked Tine OutdoorsFatal ImpactWestcoast Sporting JournalJim Shockey's UNCHARTEDBorn to HuntBest of the WestCanadian Tradition, The
1:30 PMGuns & Ammo TVBow MadnessGreg McHale's Wild YukonJim Shockey's UNCHARTEDBob Izumi's Real FishingHeartland BowhunterLindner’s Fishing Edge
2:00 PMBeyond the HuntDescendants of the NorthRob Dunham's Magnum ReloadedFish'n Canada Show, TheBackwoods LifeNick's Wild Ride with Nick HoffmanWildlife Heroes
2:30 PMEverything EichlerOutdoor Quest TVBeyond RubiconRiflemen, TheRNT-VNorth American WhitetailBC Outdoors Sportfishing
3:00 PM
Major League FishingWhitetail FreaksNew Fly Fisher, TheHeartland WaterfowlNon-Typical NationMajor League FishingHornady's Dark and Dangerous
3:30 PMMajor League FishingFishing the Wild WestRealtree's Monster BucksGuns & Ammo TVScott Martin Challenge, TheMajor League FishingBone Collector
4:00 PMMajor League FishingAngler & Hunter TVJim Shockey's The ProfessionalsScott Martin Challenge, TheBig Deer TVMajor League FishingMeatEater
4:30 PMMajor League FishingNorth American WhitetailBorn to HuntLive2Hunt with Cody & KelsyWardensMajor League FishingMeatEater
5:00 PMCanada in the RoughCanadian SportfishingCCFR's Canada DownrangeHere's the Catch!Driven with Pat & NicoleJarrett Edwards OutdoorsMeatEater
5:30 PMRob Dunham's Magnum ReloadedBushnell's Trigger EffectHitmenMidlife MayhemDirt Trax TVWinchester Deadly PassionMeatEater
6:00 PMFlorida Sportsman Best BoatBob Izumi's Real FishingIn-Fisherman TVOrvis Guide to Fly Fishing, TheFish TVAngler & Hunter TVBushnell's Trigger Effect
6:30 PMWardensFacts of FishingFish'n Canada Show, TheBorn to HuntSossy OutdoorsThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewNon-Typical Nation
7:00 PM
Bow MadnessWinchester & Drury's Natural BornBlitz TVFuel the FireMajor League BowhunterNew Fly Fisher, TheLive2Hunt with Cody & Kelsy
7:30 PMThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewHeartland WaterfowlMOJO TVRealtree Road TripsDrury's THIRTEENBeyond the HuntMidlife Mayhem
8:00 PMJim Shockey's UNCHARTEDJim Shockey's The ProfessionalsWildlife HeroesCanada in the RoughJim Shockey's Hunting AdventuresCanadian SportfishingCanada in the Rough
8:30 PMJim Shockey's UNCHARTEDEverything EichlerBowhunterNorth American WhitetailFierce Life, TheRealtree OutdoorsBeyond Rubicon
9:00 PMDirt Trax TVWicked Tine OutdoorsLive2Hunt with Cody & KelsyArcher's Choice with Ralph & VickiHitmenCanadian Tradition, TheRob Dunham's Magnum Reloaded
9:30 PMRealtree's Monster BucksHornady's Dark and DangerousFatal ImpactCCFR's Canada DownrangeGreg McHale's Wild YukonCritical MassOutdoor Quest TV
10:00 PMDescendants of the NorthBackwoods LifeTrijicon's World of Sports AfieldRob Dunham's Magnum ReloadedWinchester Deadly PassionPetersen's Hunting AdventuresCrush with Lee & Tiffany
10:30 PMCrush with Lee & TiffanyDriven with Pat & NicoleBest of the WestDescendants of the NorthSwarovski Optik QuestsBone CollectorJim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
11:00 PMFishing the Wild WestRiflemen, TheJim Shockey's UNCHARTEDOutdoor Quest TVGuns & Ammo TVRiflemen, TheM2D Camo's Livin the Dream
11:30 PMPrimos TRUTH About HuntingNon-Typical NationJim Shockey's UNCHARTEDBushnell's Trigger EffectInto High Country With Jason MatzingerWild Boar Fever XRNT-V
12:00 XMFierce Life, TheM2D Camo's Livin the DreamThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewWinchester & Drury's Natural BornPrimos TRUTH About HuntingLive2Hunt with Cody & KelsyGreg McHale's Wild Yukon
12:30 XMBowhunterRelentless PursuitSwarovski Optik QuestsPetersen's Hunting AdventuresRealtree OutdoorsFatal ImpactInto High Country With Jason Matzinger
01:00 XMFuel the FireMOJO TVBow MadnessMajor League BowhunterCritical MassDriven with Pat & NicoleDrury's THIRTEEN
01:30 XMWestcoast Sporting JournalHeartland BowhunterBone CollectorBig Deer TVWicked Tine OutdoorsRealtree Road TripsFierce Life, The
2:00 XM
Swarovski Optik QuestsRealtree's Monster BucksArcher's Choice with Ralph & VickiLindner’s Fishing EdgeTrijicon's World of Sports AfieldWildlife HeroesBest of the West
02:30 XMGreg McHale's Wild YukonScott Martin Challenge, TheCrush with Lee & TiffanyWild Boar Fever XHeartland BowhunterMajor League BowhunterWinchester Deadly Passion
03:00 XMWild Boar Fever XLive2Hunt with Cody & KelsyRNT-VInto High Country With Jason MatzingerWinchester & Drury's Natural BornHitmenBackwoods Life
03:30 XMBlitz TVJarrett Edwards OutdoorsOntario Experience, TheBowhunterDescendants of the NorthArcher's Choice with Ralph & VickiNorth American Whitetail
04:00 XMCanadian SportfishingFierce Life, TheSossy OutdoorsFatal ImpactDrury's THIRTEENLumberjacks TVDirt Trax TV
04:30 XMRiflemen, TheFish TVBC Outdoors SportfishingBow MadnessHere's the Catch!Westcoast Sporting JournalEverything Eichler
05:00 XMMOJO TVBorn to HuntBushnell's Trigger EffectWildlife HeroesThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewGuns & Ammo TVJarrett Edwards Outdoors
05:30 XMWardensFish'n Canada Show, TheOrvis Guide to Fly Fishing, ThePrimos TRUTH About HuntingIn-Fisherman TVBob Izumi's Real FishingAngler & Hunter TV
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