The current schedule is listed below in Eastern Time

6:00 AMFatal ImpactWestcoast Sporting JournalHomegrown HunterIn-FishermanEverything EichlerWestcoast Sporting JournalQVO
6:30 AMWhitetail FrenzyThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewEverything EichlerFatal ImpactBC Outdoors SportfishingGun StoriesThe New Fly Fisher
7:00 AMThe New Fly FisherJim Shockey's Hunting AdventuresFarming the WildDescendants of the NorthDriven TVJokers Wild Off the HookDimestore Fishermen
7:30 AMInstill the Catch with Mariko IzumiCoureurs De BoisMcMillanThe Future Of ConservationExtreme Angler TVOutdoor Quest TVDirt Trax
8:00 AMDescendants of the NorthM2D Camo's Livin the DreamLindner's Angling EdgeTracks Across AfricaThe RiflemenFish'n CanadaJim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
8:30 AMElk CampLisa Roper OutdoorsGary Coopers Fishing Diary MOJO TVDimestore FishermenHomegrown HunterThe Crush
9:00 AMBest of the WestHoge WildMeat EaterElk CampGuns & AmmoHunting BeastFISH TV
9:30 AMBig Coast Pursue The HuntMeat EaterChassomaniakDoubled Down OutdoorsCanada in the RoughWater Ways
10:00 AMHook & PaddleBC Outdoors SportfishingMeat EaterExtreme Angler TVAbandoned DreamsShooting USALund's Ultimate Fishing Experience
10:30 AMWater WaysYoung Wild HuntersMeat EaterDoubled Down OutdoorsAbandoned DreamsShooting USAArchers Choice
11:00 AMRelentless PursuitJokers Wild Off the HookRelentless PursuitFish TV Lindner's Angling EdgeFishing the Wild WestWestcoast Sporting Journal
11:30 AMGunfather Restorations Tight Loops Tight LinesWinchester Deadly PassionBig Coast Fishing the Wild WestFishing 411SG Adventures
12:00 PMArchers ChoiceFish TV Angler and Hunter TelevisionHomegrown HunterLund's Ultimate Fishing ExperienceRoad Fish
12:30 PMSG AdventuresWhitetail FrenzyM2D Camo's Livin the DreamRoad FishTracks Across AfricaHunting BeastJokers Wild Off the Hook
1:00 PMDucks UnlimitedDescendants of the NorthTracks Across AfricaHook & PaddleBorn to HuntBest of the WestCoureur De Bois
1:30 PMFishing 411Hook & PaddleLund's Ultimate Fishing ExperienceTight Loops Tight LinesInstill the Catch with Mariko IzumiQVOLindner's Angling Edge
2:00 PMLisa Roper OutdoorsHomegrown HunterRob Dunhams Magnum ReloadedFish'n CanadaThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewThe CrushYoung Wild Hunters
2:30 PMFISH TVOutdoor Quest TVThe RiflemenGary Coopers Fishing Diary Elk CampBorn To HuntBC Outdoors Sportfishing
3:00 PMMajor League FishingWinchester Deadly PassionThe New Fly FisherBest Defense Gun StoriesMajor League FishingMeat Eater
3:30 PMMajor League FishingFishing the Wild WestFarming the WildTight Loops Tight LinesBest DefenseMajor League FishingMeat Eater
4:00 PMMajor League FishingAngler and Hunter TelevisionWater WaysShooting USAChassomaniakMajor League FishingMeat Eater
4:30 PMMajor League FishingQVOBorn to HuntShooting USAMcMillanMajor League FishingMeat Eater
5:00 PMCanada in the RoughCanada In The RoughCanada In The RoughCanada in the RoughCanada in the RoughCanada in the RoughCanada in the Rough
5:30 PMCanada in the RoughCanada In The RoughCanada In The RoughCanada in the RoughCanada in the RoughCanada in the RoughCanada in the Rough
6:00 PMIn-FishermanInstill the Catch with Mariko IzumiPursue The Hunt ChassomaniakHook & PaddleAngler and Hunter TelevisionAbandoned Dreams
6:30 PMExtreme Angler TVRoad FishFish'n CanadaBorn to HuntTight Loops Tight LinesDoubled Down OutdoorsAbandoned Dreams
7:00 PMCoureurs De BoisWinchester & Drury's Natural BornDriven TVGun StoriesShooting USAThe New Fly FisherHook & Paddle
7:30 PMThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewGuns & AmmoMOJO TVHomegrown HunterShooting USAHoge WildFatal Impact
8:00 PMQVODucks UnlimitedFish TV Canada in the RoughJim Shockey's Hunting AdventuresSG AdventuresCanada in the Rough
8:30 PMThe Future Of ConservationEverything EichlerHunting BeastYoung Wild HuntersCoureur De BoisHunt Fish ManiacLisa Roper Outdoors
9:00 PMDirt TraxBone CollectorSG AdventuresArchers ChoiceWestcoast Sporting JournalMOJO TVRob Dunhams Magnum Reloaded
9:30 PMDriven TVBig Coast Bone CollectorTracks Across AfricaGunfather Restorations Bone CollectorOutdoor Quest TV
10:00 PMDescendants of the NorthAbandoned DreamsLisa Roper OutdoorsRob Dunhams Magnum ReloadedWinchester Deadly PassionPursue The HuntGuns & Ammo
10:30 PMDoubled Down OutdoorsAbandoned DreamsBest of the WestThe CrushM2D Camo's Livin the DreamThe Future Of ConservationJim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
11:00 PMFishing the Wild WestThe RiflemenWhitetail FrenzyOutdoor Quest TVHoge WildChassomaniakM2D Camo's Livin the Dream
11:30 PMHunt Fish ManiacBest Defense Elk CampDucks UnlimitedDimestore FishermenMOJO TVFarming the Wild
12:00 XMWinchester Deadly PassionM2D Camo's Livin the DreamWinchester & Drury's Natural BornBone CollectorSG AdventuresGunfather Restorations Tracks Across Africa
12:30 XMThe CrushRelentless PursuitThe Future Of ConservationQVOFatal ImpactTight Loops Tight LinesBig Coast
1:00 XMWinchester & Drury's Natural BornMOJO TVHunt Fish ManiacDoubled Down OutdoorsBest Defense Guns & AmmoMcMillan
1:30 XMIn-FishermanGary Coopers Fishing Diary Jokers Wild Off the HookDirt TraxYoung Wild HuntersWhitetail FrenzyFishing 411
2:00 XMHoge WildThe Future Of ConservationArchers ChoiceLindner's Angling EdgeHunt Fish ManiacJim Shockey's Hunting AdventuresBest of the West
2:30 XMLund's Ultimate Fishing ExperienceGun StoriesShooting USADimestore FishermenFishing 411Elk CampWinchester Deadly Passion
3:00 XMRoad FishYoung Wild HuntersShooting USALund's Ultimate Fishing ExperienceWinchester & Drury's Natural BornCoureurs De BoisRelentless Pursuit
3:30 XMDriven TVMcMillanAngler and Hunter TelevisionThe RiflemenGary Coopers Fishing Diary Archers ChoiceFarming the Wild
4:00 XMRob Dunhams Magnum ReloadedJokers Wild Off the HookIn-FishermanCanada in the RoughDirt TraxBig CoastFishing the Wild West
4:30 XMHunting BeastGunfather Restorations BC Outdoors SportfishingExtreme Angler TVDucks UnlimitedPursue The HuntEverything Eichler
5:00 XMPursue The Hunt Born to HuntDucks UnlimitedBone CollectorWater WaysThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewDescendants of the North
5:30 XMThe RiflemenFish'n CanadaThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewMcMillanLisa Roper OutdoorsInstill the Catch with Mariko IzumiAngler and Hunter Television
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