The current schedule is listed below in Eastern Time

6:00 AMFlorida Sportsman Project DreamboatSasquatch Mountain ManHomegrown HunterCanadian SportfishingEverything EichlerHere's the Catch!Backwoods Life
6:30 AMHere's the Catch!That Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewCanadian SportfishingFatal ImpactBC Outdoors SportfishingFarming the WildNew Fly Fisher, The
7:00 AMNew Fly Fisher, TheFish TVFarming the WildDescendants of the NorthBlitz TVPro Team JournalWinchester & Drury's Natural Born
7:30 AMBob Izumi's Real FishingCanadian Tradition, TheShootout LaneRealtree Road TripsExtreme Angler TVOutdoor Quest TVWild Fed
8:00 AMSport Fishing on the FlyM2D Camo's Livin the DreamMadfin Shark SeriesFish TVRob Dunham's Magnum ReloadedFish'n Canada Show, TheJim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
8:30 AMBackwoods LifeElk ChroniclesDriven with Pat and NicoleMOJO TVDimestore Fishermen, TheHomegrown HunterCrush with Lee & Tiffany
9:00 AMBest of the WestHoge WildMeatEaterTracks Across AfricaGuns & Ammo TVSnow TraxBorn to Hunt
9:30 AMBig CoastLive 2 Hunt with Cody & KelsyMeatEaterGuns & Ammo TVBone CollectorCanada in the RoughNorth American Trapper
10:00 AMWild FedBC Outdoors SportfishingMeatEaterExtreme Angler TVHere's the Catch!Shooting USALund's Ultimate Fishing Experience
10:30 AMPro Team JournalExtreme Outer LimitsMeatEaterWardensDriven with Pat and NicoleShooting USAChoice with Ralph & Vicki, The
11:00 AMRelentless PursuitNorth American TrapperRelentless PursuitPure Instinct OutdoorsLindner's Angling EdgeFishing the Wild WestDimestore Fishermen, The
11:30 AMBear WhispererHeartland BowhunterWinchester Deadly PassionBig CoastFishing the Wild WestBlitz TVRealtree Road Trips
12:00 PMChoice with Ralph & Vicki, TheLegends of the FallPrimos TRUTH About HuntingAngler & Hunter TVHomegrown HunterLund's Ultimate Fishing ExperienceMadfin Shark Series
12:30 PMTracks Across AfricaMajor League BowhunterM2D Camo's Livin the DreamMajor League BowhunterRealtree OutdoorsGun StoriesWestcoast Sporting Journal
1:00 PMFederal's Trigger EffectDescendants of the NorthHollywood WeaponsJim Shockey's Uncharted: YukonBorn to HuntBest of the WestShootout Lane
1:30 PMFishing 411Farming the WildLund's Ultimate Fishing ExperienceJim Shockey's Uncharted: YukonBob Izumi's Real FishingNice Fish RewindLindner's Angling Edge
2:00 PMPure Instinct OutdoorsHomegrown HunterRob Dunham's Magnum ReloadedFish'n Canada Show, TheThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewCrush with Lee & TiffanyFlorida Sportsman Project Dreamboat
2:30 PMEverything EichlerOutdoor Quest TVHoge WildRiflemen, TheAdventure Long RangeExtreme Outer LimitsBC Outdoors Sportfishing
3:00 PM
Major League Fishing CupsSport Fishing on the FlyNew Fly Fisher, TheNice Fish RewindGun StoriesMajor League Fishing CupsSasquatch Mountain Man
3:30 PMMajor League Fishing CupsFishing the Wild WestSnow TraxFlorida Sportsman Project DreamboatScott Martin Challenge, TheMajor League Fishing CupsFarming the Wild
4:00 PMMajor League Fishing CupsAngler & Hunter TVCFN Fish OffShooting USAWild FedMajor League Fishing CupsMeatEater
4:30 PMMajor League Fishing CupsNorth American WhitetailBorn to HuntShooting USACanadian Tradition, TheMajor League Fishing CupsMeatEater
5:00 PMCanada in the RoughCanadian SportfishingCanadian Tradition, TheHere's the Catch!Jim Shockey's Uncharted: YukonM2D Camo's Livin the DreamMeatEater
5:30 PMRob Dunham's Magnum ReloadedFederal's Trigger EffectBear WhispererPursue the HuntJim Shockey's Uncharted: YukonWinchester Deadly PassionMeatEater
6:00 PMCanadian SportfishingBob Izumi's Real FishingScott Martin Challenge, TheWestcoast Sporting JournalFish TVAngler & Hunter TVFederal's Trigger Effect
6:30 PMExtreme Angler TVCFN Fish OffFish'n Canada Show, TheBorn to HuntPro Team JournalGuns & Ammo TVAdventure Long Range
7:00 PM
Shootout LaneWinchester & Drury's Natural BornBlitz TVRealtree OutdoorsMadfin Shark SeriesNew Fly Fisher, TheLive 2 Hunt with Cody & Kelsy
7:30 PMThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewWardensMOJO TVHomegrown HunterNorth American TrapperCanadian Tradition, TheFatal Impact
8:00 PMJim Shockey's Uncharted: YukonWild FedMajor League BowhunterCanada in the RoughJim Shockey's Hunting AdventuresHollywood WeaponsCanada in the Rough
8:30 PMJim Shockey's Uncharted: YukonEverything EichlerAdventure Long RangeNorth American WhitetailSasquatch Mountain ManJim Shockey's Uncharted: YukonPure Instinct Outdoors
9:00 PMSnow TraxRealtree Road TripsLegends of the FallChoice with Ralph & Vicki, TheTracks Across AfricaJim Shockey's Uncharted: YukonRob Dunham's Magnum Reloaded
9:30 PMRealtree's Monster BucksBig CoastBone CollectorHeartland BowhunterExtreme Outer LimitsBone CollectorOutdoor Quest TV
10:00 PMDescendants of the NorthGun StoriesPure Instinct OutdoorsRob Dunham's Magnum ReloadedWinchester Deadly PassionPursue the HuntRealtree's Monster Bucks
10:30 PMWardensPrimos TRUTH About HuntingBest of the WestCrush with Lee & TiffanyBear WhispererMadfin Shark SeriesJim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
11:00 PMFishing the Wild WestRiflemen, TheJim Shockey's Hunting AdventuresOutdoor Quest TVHoge WildDriven with Pat and NicoleM2D Camo's Livin the Dream
11:30 PMElk ChroniclesBackwoods LifeNorth American TrapperFederal's Trigger EffectDimestore Fishermen, TheMOJO TVElk Chronicles
12:00 XMPursue the HuntM2D Camo's Livin the DreamWinchester & Drury's Natural BornBone CollectorPrimos TRUTH About HuntingBear WhispererTracks Across Africa
12:30 XMCrush with Lee & TiffanyRelentless PursuitElk ChroniclesBackwoods LifeFatal ImpactLive 2 Hunt with Cody & KelsyBig Coast
01:00 XMRealtree OutdoorsMOJO TVRealtree Road TripsGuns & Ammo TVRiflemen, TheWardensHollywood Weapons
01:30 XMNorth American WhitetailFatal ImpactSasquatch Mountain ManSnow TraxCFN Fish OffExtreme Outer LimitsFishing 411
2:00 XM
Hoge WildRealtree's Monster BucksChoice with Ralph & Vicki, TheLindner's Angling EdgeRealtree Road TripsSport Fishing on the FlyBest of the West
02:30 XMLund's Ultimate Fishing ExperienceScott Martin Challenge, TheShooting USADimestore Fishermen, TheFishing 411Adventure Long RangeWinchester Deadly Passion
03:00 XMLive 2 Hunt with Cody & KelsyHollywood WeaponsShooting USALund's Ultimate Fishing ExperienceWinchester & Drury's Natural BornShootout LaneRelentless Pursuit
03:30 XMBlitz TVPro Team JournalWestcoast Sporting Journal- WFNSport Fishing on the FlyDescendants of the NorthChoice with Ralph & Vicki, TheNorth American Whitetail
04:00 XMHeartland BowhunterDriven with Pat and NicoleExtreme Outer LimitsCanada in the RoughSnow TraxCFN Fish OffNice Fish Rewind
04:30 XMLegends of the FallFish TVBC Outdoors SportfishingExtreme Angler TVPursue the HuntWestcoast Sporting JournalEverything Eichler
05:00 XMMOJO TVBorn to HuntFederal's Trigger EffectBone CollectorNice Fish RewindThat Hunting Girl with Amanda Lynn MayhewRealtree's Monster Bucks
05:30 XMRiflemen, TheFish'n Canada Show, TheLegends of the FallPrimos TRUTH About HuntingPure Instinct OutdoorsBob Izumi's Real FishingAngler & Hunter TV
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